Monday, March 28, 2011

Day I

Frank Fournier's kitchen, his apartment perfectly matched his personality and I did nothing but smile when he talked. He was inspiring without attempting to change the way we see the world.

Photojournalists really hate being photographed (myself included). This is going to be a problem on this trip.

It's the first day of the photojournalism trip to the city. It is kind of weird being back here; the last time I was here for more than just Penn Station, I had my F3 and a backpack of sandwiches. Its strange almost being a tourist in my own city.

"It's an act of god but got cannot be indited for war crimes so what can we do about it?"
- Alan Chin

That quote really struck me during our meeting with Facing Change. Frank Fournier echoed that with "It's not the event. It's the story."

That is something I think a lot of photojournalists, myself included are struggling with. It is not the actual event that matters-- whether it is a natural disaster or war. It is the stories of the people that are affected by the situation that really matter, not the event itself.

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